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Manual of the St. Paul Police Department, 1923

Cover of 1923 ManualThis is taken from “Manual of the St. Paul Police Department,” a 1923 publication of the Saint Paul Police Department.


St. Paul, Minnesota



In adopting the Rules and Regulations hereinafter set forth for the Government and Discipline of the Bureau of Police, the Commissioner of Public Safety reserves the right to alter, amend, or revoke any rules, or to make additional ones as circumstances for the good of the service may require.

Members of the force will understand that these Rules and d Regulations are not intended to govern in all cases which may arise. Much must necessarily be left to the intelligence and discretion of the officers and members of the Bureau of Police.

Oath of Office.—Every member appointed to the Police Department before assuming his duties shall take the proper oath of office as prescribed by the City Charter, which is given by the Commissioner or his Deputy, and filed in that office.

Misconduct of Policemen.—Any member of the Police Force who shall neglect or refuse to perform any duty required of him by the Ordinances of the City of St. Paul or the Department of Public Safety, or who shall in the discharge of his official duties, be guilty of any fraud, extortion, oppression, favoritism, or willful wrong or injustice, may at the discretion of the Chief of Police be disciplined by suspension and loss of pay.

All officers and members of said Department shall be subject to such Rules and Regulations as shall be prescribed from time to time by the Commissioner of Public Safety and Chief of Police. Suspension with loss of pay may be imposed under such rules and regulations for any neglect of duty or misconduct on the part of any member of said Department.

Familiarity With Rules.—It will be deemed neglect of duty for any member of the Bureau to be unfamiliar with the Rules and Regulations of the Bureau of Police contained in this book and the legal powers and duties of his or her position as defined therein. The Book of Rules shall be carried at all times by members of the force while on active duty.

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