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History of the Saint Paul Police Department

City Population / Police Strength
Chiefs of Police
Rank Structure
Department Awards
YouTube videos
The Saint Paul Police Crime Lab: An Evolution In Forensics


Keeping the Peace in St. Paul: Crime, Vice, and Police Work, 1869-74
Manual of the Police Force of the City of St. Paul, 1882
Our Police Department — St. Paul Past and Present: 1888
The Police of St. Paul: 1896
History of the Police and Fire Departments of the Twin Cities, 1899
Souvenir Book, St. Paul Police Benevolent Association, 1904
A Book of the Saint Paul Police 1838 - 1912
Souvenir Book for St. Paul Police Benevolent Association, 1919
Manual of the St. Paul Police Department, 1923
The Cop Is Professional Man Now: 1939
Police Whistle Publication
Blacks in the St. Paul Police and Fire Department 1885 - 1976
The Long Blue Line (a 1984 publication of the Saint Paul Police Department)
In the Beginning (a 2000 publication of the Saint Paul Police Department)
National COPS Evaluation of St. Paul: 2000
Benedict G. Fischer, St. Paul Police Patrolman by Gayle Geber
Our Matrons & Police Women by Edward J. "Ed" Steenberg
Historical Overview of SPPD Tactical Units up until March 31, 2002 by Darryl Schmidt
Musings on Lieutenant Gerald Anthony Hanggi, Sr. by John J. DeNoma
Eleanor/Elnor Patch of the ‘Original’ Mounted Patrol by Edward J. "Ed" Steenberg
Police Rattles & Whistles by Edward J. "Ed" Steenberg
The Black Maria by Frederick D. "Fred" Kaphingst & Edward J. "Ed" Steenberg
Missing But Not Forgotten by Edward J. "Ed" Steenberg
You'll Never be a Cop Until You Taste Them by Edward J. "Ed" Steenberg
The Bertillon System of Identification by Edward J. "Ed" Steenberg
Origin of Finger Prints, What They Are and How Used by Edward J. "Ed" Steenberg
Saint Paul Police Timeline by Edward J. "Ed" Steenberg
Capturing Stories (a 2014 publication of the Minneapolis StarTribune)
Saint Paul - Location - Development - Opportunities by F. C. Miller, Ph. D., 1928
A Police Officer's Remembrances of Old Ancker Hospital by Edward J. "Ed" Steenberg
Russian Imperial Romanov Family Exhumed by Edward J. "Ed" Steenberg
'Dapper Dan' Hogan – a go-between for criminals and corrupt cops – died Dec. 4, 1928 from the St. Paul Pioneer Press
History of Police Department from The St. Paul Globe Golden Jubilee Edition (1904)
Bungled St. Paul Hanging was State's Last Execution from the St. Paul Pioneer Press
Prohibition and the Gangsters from the St. Paul Pioneer Press
John Dillinger's Great (St. Paul) Escape from the St. Paul Pioneer Press
Your Schools Today - The School Safety Patrol (April 29, 1971) — Video from the Saint Paul Public Schools
John Joseph O'Connor and the "Layover Agreement" (One Person's Observations) by Edward J. "Ed" Steenberg
In the New Stations from The Saint Paul Daily Globe (May 1, 1887)
The Original Saint Paul Jail by Edward J. "Ed" Steenberg