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Ranks of the Saint Paul Police Department

Introduced Terminated Rank Title of sworn officers
1854 Present Chief
1872 Present Sergeant
1854 1974 Patrolman
1856 1999 Captain
1864 1964 Detective — Last detectives retired in 1988
1884 1999 Lieutenant — This rank still exists but is inactive with Civil Service. It has not been used since 2000.
1912 1914 Roundsman — A rank between a patrolman and a sergeant
1913/1920 1974 Police Woman — After women received the right to vote in 1920 they could be sworn officers.
1914 Present Officers hired under Civil Service with an exam used for placement of hiring rank
???? 1961 Inspector
Assistant Chief
1963 2000 Deputy Chief
1974   Police Officer
1984   The Deputy Chief rank was unclassified by city council amendment, so the chief could appoint. Previously these were civil service appointments based on test scores.
2000 Present Commander — All lieutenants became commanders
2000 Present Senior Commander — All captains became senior commanders. Unclassified, the chief is authorized to appoint senior commanders.