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2000 badge with a mourning band

Frank Milanoski

Appointed September 26, 1917
Ht: 5’10.5” Wt: 140#
End of Tour Friday, August 15, 1924

Saint Paul, Ramsey County, Minnesota
[Minnesota Death Certificate No. 1924-MN-024048]

Fatally injured in an assault by a motorist.


Photo of Frank Milanoski

On Thursday night, August 14, 1924, off-duty Roundsman Frank Milanoski1, Badge No. 140, was assaulted by a fellow motorist while in the traffic lane on Arcade Street at about Minnehaha Avenue in the City of Saint Paul.

Though according to some reports his wife and children were with him at the time, officer Milanoski exited his personal vehicle after being confronted by Peter Liko, a former deputy sheriff. Words were exchanged and Milanoski was punched by Liko, who although not a member of the “Vigilante Committee” set up to assist the police in conducting a Safety Week campaign against careless driving, was known to stop eastside motorists in the past. He staggered backwards and fell, striking his head on the curb. The officer succumbed to a skull fracture the following day, Friday, August 15, 1924… on his 40th birthday.

Although a question remains as to who stopped whom, the assailant claimed that Milanoski had made an illegal “horseshoe” turn in front of him, and that he struck the officer in “self defense” after initially being knocked down by Milanoski. Liko was subsequently charged with second-degree murder.

Born on August 15, 1884, and raised in Dakota County, thirty-nine year old Frank Milanoski (aka Milanowski) had been with the Bureau of Police since September 26, 1917 (seven years), working most of his years out of the Margaret Street Substation. He was survived by his wife, Mary, and five children, John, Joseph, Bernard, Stanley and Helen. Patrolman Milanoski’s funeral was held on Monday, August 18, 1924, at the Eggert Funeral Home, 762 East Seventh Street, and he is buried at Forest Cemetery (Forest Lawn Memorial Park), in what is now Maplewood, Minnesota.

Having spent most of his career as a motorcycle patrolman, Milanoski had just recently received the appointment of roundsman (a supervisory police officer just below the grade of sergeant).

1 Frank Milanoski (aka Milanowski) was appointed Motorcycle Patrolman (temporary) September 26, 1917; was appointed Motorcycle Patrolman (permanent) October 17, 1917; was assigned Foot Patrol November 1, 1917; was returned to Motorcycle Patrol April 2, 1918; was promoted to Roundsman March 5, 1924; was fatally injured in an assault by a motorist August 14, 1924, and died Friday, August 15, 1924.