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2000 badge with a mourning band

Alfred Verner Sandquist

Appointed April 2, 1956
End of Tour Thursday, June 18, 1959

Saint Paul, Ramsey County, Minnesota
[Minnesota Death Certificate No. 1959-MN-029394]

Fatally injured after his patrol car was struck by a motor vehicle
fleeing from another squad.

U.S. Navy Veteran


Photo of Alfred Sandquist

Shortly after 0105 hours (1:05 a.m.) on Thursday, June 18, 1959, Patrolman Alfred Verner Sandquist1, Badge No. 336, was killed when a fleeing theft suspect rammed his vehicle into the officer’s squad at an estimated 90-100 mph at the intersection of S. Concord and E. Robie Streets in the City of Saint Paul.

A police squad had been dispatched to investigate a report that someone was siphoning gas at Standard Ready Mixed Concrete, 1202 South Concord Street in the City of Saint Paul. When Patrolman Otto Lind arrived, the suspect fled in what was later discovered to be a stolen vehicle. The fifteen year old suspect was fleeing the scene when he lost control of his car and went across the centerline and hit Sandquist’s oncoming squad head on. Sandquist’s partner, Patrolman George A. Tateosian2, Badge No. 240, and the suspect both survived the impact, which hit so hard it pushed the squad back 100 feet. Sandquist died at the scene.

The suspect, William E. Feldbrugge of 782 Dayton Avenue, told police that he had stolen the same car earlier and kept the keys to it. He had forgotten about it until he was rummaging through a drawer and decided to run away after a dispute with his father. So on the previous Monday, he again stole the car.

He said that he was looking for a place to park so he could sleep when he saw the officers and panicked. He told investigators he was driving so fast he could hardly control the car. He said he wanted to stop but something made him continue. He said he didn’t remember much about the chase. The boy’s father contributed $200 to a fund for Patrolman Sandquist’s family.

Born on May 16, 1925, and raised in Ramsey County, thirty-four year old Alfred Verner Sandquist had with the Bureau of Police since April 2, 1956 (three years), and had previously served in the United States Navy. Sandquist had been a relief police ambulance driver up to a week prior to the accident, when he had asked to be transferred to squad car duty. He was survived by his wife, Lois, and two sons, Kenneth and Mark. Patrolman Sandquist’s funeral was held on Monday, June 22, 1959, at the Kessler & Maguire Funeral Home, and he is buried at Fort Snelling National Cemetery, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

1 Alfred Verner Sandquist was appointed Patrolman April 2, 1956; and was fatally injured after his patrol car was struck by a motor vehicle fleeing from another squad Thursday June 18, 1959. He was a U.S. Navy Veteran.

2 George A. Tateosian was appointed Patrolman July 11, 1955; and resigned July 28, 1960 on a disability pension.